3.3 million Australians suffer from persistent pain.

Only 1% receive appropriate care.

We're trying to change that.
(Pain Australia Statictics 2019)

"Our longer consults and no-nonsense, active approach allows us to make a faster and more sustainable impact on our patients lives."
Heart & Hands


Our promises to the St Ives community...

1) Longer Consultations =  a faster recovery.

Our 1 Hour Initial Consultations to allow for a  thorough discussion about your pain, followed by a comprehensive musculoskeletal examination and treatment. Getting the diagnosis right in the first session means a faster recovery.

2) We promise to stay up to date.

We never stop learning. We conduct weekly research appraisals, education and practical sessions so you know you will always receive the most up to date treatments.

3) We promise to make it all about you.

We know each patient is different and everyone seeks treatment for different reasons. We discuss your goals and what you would like to get out of your treatment in the first session so we can align your treatment with what you want to do and where you want to go.

4) We promise to be honest and sincere.
If we think we can't help you, we'll tell you and send you to someone who can. If we're not sure about your condition, or don't have an answer, we'll go and research it to find the right answer for you.

Supporting the Children's Cancer Foundation


$1 from every appointment is donated to the Children's Cancer Foundation.

Current Donation Tally Since May 2020


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What you will NOT experience in our clinic

  • You will not find any electronic devices (ultrasounds etc.) or hot/cold packs (anyone can apply those!)

  • You will not be left by yourself while we treat someone else.

  • You will not be asked to come back fortnightly or monthly for "maintenance"

  • You will not be told something is "out of place" and can only be put back in place by us (there is an abundance of clinical research that unequivocally finds this simply cannot happen without significant, acute trauma).

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